Baby Flash AR

Baby Flash AR uses the most cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) technology. This App uses iPhone to help parents teach children to recognize and pronounce household items or pets via a multimedia interactive way.

Before you start playing, please prepare the marker which is needed for playing. There are three ways of getting the marker for Baby Flash AR app.

  1. You can either download marker file in here.
  2. Or launch the app, send yourself an email, and find the marker file in your attached email. See image below.
  3. Or if you have an AirPrint supported printer, launch the app, and make use of the most updated AirPrint, which can wirelessly print files from your iPhone.

After you print the marker file, you can see 26 alphabets from A-Z, you may give it a first try, by putting the marker under iPhone camera. And you can separate the alphabets following the dotted lines, then put each alphabetic marker under iPhone camera, and you will see a corresponding 3D model overlay onto each marker, and the word is displayed, tap on the bottom right button to pronounce the word again. The 3D model on the screen moves along as you move the marker.